Every wholesaler has its own working method. Especially when it comes to art wholesalers. Art is a more difficult product to trade than, say, computers. You can read how we approach it here.

Wholesale metal wall decoration

Special and handmade

Every wholesaler has its own working method. Especially when it comes to a wholesale art business . Art is a more difficult product to trade than, say, computers. Especially with handmade art, guaranteeing quality and uniformity is difficult. This applies at least as much to the packaging and shipments of these vulnerable products.

Artishoque has been providing art to shops and to customers of these shops for more than 10 years. The metal wall decorations are of excellent quality, with minor differences between the handmade items, and are properly packaged to find their way to your store or your customer.

You can read here how we do this together with you.

Good prices and margins

For you and the consumer

With our art wholesaler you are not only assured of a high price-quality ratio, but also of good margins with an excellent turnover rate. With a consumer price of between 30 and 150 euros, our works of art are accessible to every wallet and are therefore attractive as an impulse purchase.

You determine margins yourself, of course, but they are normally between 2.2 and 3.0. Especially if you take advantage of our volume discounts and periodic offers, our works of art will contribute to your profit.

Never no-sell

We supply everything from our own stock from our warehouse in The Hague. This allows us to guarantee a delivery time of 1-5 working days. And because we do not have a minimum order, you can always keep your stock of runners up to date and, if necessary, have us deliver directly to your customer.

After all, optimal stock is important for every retailer. Too much stock has disadvantages, but too little stock and therefore no sales also costs money. That is why you can ship all our products in your store or webshop directly to your customer, without having them in stock. That's called dropshipping. This way you still make a margin, without inventory, and therefore with less risk.

Augmented reality brochure

Amaze customers in your store and show them our brochure with augmented reality function . Each work of art has a QR code. Scan this with your phone and project the artwork directly in a nice place in your store. Dropship your sale or give customers the brochure to take home to project.

  • Project works of art in your store
  • Let customers project works of art in AR at home
  • Send customers to your online store
  • Or take them back to your store

Read more about our AR feature and brochure .

Volume discounts

We realize that as a retailer you have high fixed costs. Moreover
you have to compete with online shopping, where prices are usually under pressure. On the one hand, we protect this by making good agreements with our customers and on the other hand, by offering discounts on bulk purchases. This allows you to set competitive prices or achieve higher margins. These are our volume discounts :

  • 5% discount on orders between €500 and €1000
  • 10% discount on orders from €1000
  • 2% payment discount when paying directly via the webshop

Placement on your website

Take advantage of bricks & clicks

Do you have bricks & clicks, or a store and webshop? Then you can also easily sell our artworks online. Deliver from your own stock (and make higher margins), dropship everything via Artishoque or go for a combination of both.

Whichever option you choose, we support you with flawless integration by providing good photos, data and stock updates.

Postage costs

We charge fixed shipping costs, regardless of the order quantity and do not require a minimum order quantity.

  • Netherlands: €10
  • Flanders: €25
  • Wallonia: €50
  • Wat is Artishoque voor groothandel?

  • Artishoque is een groothandel in kunst, en verkoopt nu alleen nog metalen wanddecoraties aan winkels en webshops. In de nabije toekomst breiden we onze collectie in de breedte en diepte uit. Onze huidige collectie bestaat uit een 80-tal toegankelijke kunstwerken van hoge kwaliteit. Als groothandel verkopen wij niet rechtstreeks aan particulieren, maar wel via dropshipping.

  • Voor wie is Artishoque geschikt?

  • De kunstwerken die wij als groothandel aanbieden zijn erg geschikt voor galeries in het lagere segment en uiteenlopende winkels en webshops: van woonwinkels, tuincentra, meubelzaken en cadeauwinkels tot en met bloemisten.

  • Wat zijn jullie in- en verkoopprijzen?

  • Onze groothandelsprijzen liggen globaal tussen de 25 en 100 euro. Hierop kun je een gezonde marge maken van 2,2 tot 2,5. Consumentenprijzen liggen daarom ergens tussen de 50 en 250 euro, maar ben je uiteraard vrij in om te bepalen. Prijzen liggen echter doorgaans rond de 50-150 euro, wat onze kunstwerken aantrekkelijke (impluls)aankopen maakt, zeker als het om kunst gaat.

  • Hoe kan ik bij jullie groothandel inkopen?

  • Als je een winkel of webshop hebt waar ons assortiment op aansluit, kun je al snel starten met inkopen bij Artishoque. Het enige wat je nodig hebt is een kvk-inschrijving en een volledige aanmelding.


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