in your store. at your customer. everywhere

Amaze customers in your store and show them our brochure with augmented reality function. Each work of art has a QR code. Scan this with your phone and project the artwork directly in a nice place in your store. Dropship your sale or give customers the brochure to take home to project.


- in augmented reality -


Buying art is difficult for many. It is unknown territory and difficult to make decisions, especially if partners have different tastes. Buying art online can help with this. After all, orientating and comparing has never been easier.

The biggest problem with “online”, however, is tangibility. Works of art are on a screen that lacks detail, relief and feeling. It is therefore difficult to imagine the work of art that is on your screen on your own wall. This applies to the match with the interior, but also to the size. For example, how big is 150x100 cm and can the space accommodate this?


We have developed the perfect tool for this. An augmented reality feature that allows you to visualize works of art directly on your wall with your phone. Directly from your browser, without installing an app. Augmented reality is the “mixing” of the real world and that on your screen. In other words, you see on your screen what you normally see (the environment), but the AR function adds a virtual layer to this. It may sound abstract, but in our case the chosen work of art is simply displayed on the wall. When you look at your screen, it's as if it's really there. That is why it becomes smaller if you stand further away and you see the work of art in perspective if you stand at an angle in front of it. You can even see the wallpaper through the artwork. Just like in real life!


If you are a dealer or dropshipper, our augmented reality feature is available for our entire art collection. Each work of art refers to the AR function with a link (for mobile) or QR code (for PC) in the product description. This will be displayed immediately after clicking or scanning activated. Your potential customers can project all our works of art directly from your webshop onto their wall.


Perhaps even better is that you can also use our AR function in your store or at your customers' homes. Our brochure contains a QR code for each work of art that you can scan in your store and project onto your wall. This is useful if customers show interest in our metal wall decoration but want something slightly different. You can even retain customers by giving them the brochure so that they can project their favorite works of art on their own wall. Once they've made their choice, they return to your store to order the item. We then send it directly to the customer or to your store. Another contact and perhaps an extra regular customer.