Do you have a webshop in art, wall decoration or home & living? Then read what dropshipping can do for you.

Dropshipping for stores

Sell ​​more with less inventory

Dropshipping is a system that was originally aimed at sales via the internet. The web shops were usually “attic room companies” and had neither the space nor the money to purchase and store stock. This led to the request to be allowed to sell directly from the wholesaler's stock. Because that is actually what dropship does: making your own (valuable) stock redundant.

But dropshipping can also be of added value for you as a retailer. And you probably already do it. After all, customers are already ordering things that you don't have in stock. Only you have the order come to the store instead of sending it to the customer. Because that's what we do with dropshipping: we ship it directly to your customer.

You probably have a lot of regular customers, and that's great. But a large part of your customers will only visit your store once or rarely. Because they come from far away or simply don't like shopping. So that is the moment when you should make full use of your sales opportunities. And with a wide collection that you can also sell, even if you don't have it in the store. With dropshipping you ensure that your (one-time) customer becomes a buyer.

Advantages of dropshipping

For stores without a webshop

The biggest plus of dropshipping is that you will sell more in your store. And because we ship the item for you, you can process orders directly with your customer and save yourself this work. You can even make do with fewer show models and refer potential buyers to our brochure with a built-in augmented reality function. But you can also serve customers who miss your last stock copy through dropshipping.

  • Broader collection means more turnover
  • Fewer show models needed
  • Pay and settle immediately
  • Offer our fantastic augmented reality feature
  • Have your customer return it to the store and sell an alternative
  • Offer your customer returns by post and save work
  • As an Artishoque dealer, attract extra visitors to your store

Augmented reality brochure

The perfect bridge between online and offline

Amaze customers in your store and show them our brochure with augmented reality function. Each work of art has a QR code. Scan this with your phone and project the artwork directly in a nice place in your store. Dropship your sale or give customers the brochure to take home to project.

  • Project works of art in your store
  • Let customers project works of art in AR at home
  • Send customers to your online store
  • Or take them back to your store

Read more about our AR feature and brochure .


This is what you can expect from us

High margins
Most wholesalers charge low margins in the case of dropshipping. That is unjustified, because dropshippers also incur high costs. That is why at Artishoque we charge the same gross margins for both buyers and dropshippers. However, dropshippers are obliged to use the minimum recommended price. In this way we prevent price dumping and can guarantee healthy margins for everyone. Read more about our pricing and conditions.

Postage costs
We charge a fixed, cost-based fee for shipping and handling. So even after deducting this, your margins remain intact.

All processes at Artishoque are partly focused on dropshipping. This starts with the manufacturing process, where we take the packaging design into account. In contrast to delivery to shops, our packaging is therefore aimed at shipping by post. In all cases where the packaging is not sufficient, we provide sufficient extra protection.

Fast shipping
We deliver all our works of art directly to your customer within 1-5 working days. We ship smaller packages with PostNL. Larger ones with our courier. You will receive a track & trace so that orders can be followed.

Shipping guarantee
Something can always go wrong along the way. But here too we take care of you and your customer, thanks to our shipping guarantee. For example, we exchange a damaged product free of charge or send a new one if it is unexpectedly lost.

Our return rate is low, approximately 5%. But every return is one too many. They cost you as a webshop owner a lot of time and money. That is why we offer a unique returns service. We do not offer free returns, but we do accept returns. And that saves you a lot of time and space. Not least because packaging and contents are often damaged and take a lot of time to repair and ever sell. We may charge costs for shortcomings of your customer, which you can of course pass on.


Start free

You can participate for just €0 per month. You can then import a maximum of 50 products, but without further restrictions. Ideal to try out our collaboration. To offer all our products on your webshop, you pay 24 euros per month.

  • Wat is dropshipping?

  • Dropshipping is een bijzondere samenwerking tussen de groothandel en detaillist. Bij het klassieke inkoop-verkoopmodel houdt de detaillist eigen voorraden aan. Bij dropshippen niet, maar verstuurt de groothandel het product voor de detaillist naar de klant.

  • Voor wie is dropshipping geschikt?

  • Dropshipping is geschikt voor webshops én winkels. Een webshop (zonder winkel) heeft vaak alleen maar last van voorraden, wat met dropshipping dus wordt voorkomen. Een winkel (zonder webshop) heeft (winkel)voorraad nodig, maar kan met dropshipping een bredere collectie en verzendservice aanbieden. In geval van bricks and clicks, is dropshipping dus ook zeer geschikt.

  • Wat dropshippen jullie?

  • Wij dropshippen kunst, en nu alleen nog metalen wanddecoraties. In de nabije toekomst breiden we onze (dropship)collectie in de breedte en diepte uit. Onze huidige collectie bestaat uit een 80-tal toegankelijke kunstwerken van hoge kwaliteit.

  • Wat verdien ik met dropshippen?

  • Met dropshippen maak je dezelfde marges als bij onze groothandel (in- en verkopen). Wij vragen alleen een vaste fee van 10 euro per order. Deze gaat dus van je marge af, maar zou je normaliter ook (deels) kwijt zijn aan verzending en handling.

  • Mag ik mijn eigen prijzen bepalen als ik dropship?

  • Nee, om winkels en serieuze webshops te beschermen met drophippen ben je verplicht onze adviesprijzen te hanteren. Dropshippen kan namelijk makkelijk worden misbruikt om (steeds verder) te concurreren op prijs. Als je je eigen prijzen wilt bepalen, kies dan voor inkopen via onze groothandel. Dan mogen wij geen prijzen opleggen én kun je volumekortingen krijgen om extra marge te maken.

  • Hoe kan ik meedoen als dropshipper?

  • Als je een winkel of webshop hebt waar ons assortiment op aansluit, kun je al snel starten met dropshippen via Artishoque. Het enige wat je nodig hebt is een kvk-inschrijving en een volledige aanmelding.


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